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London Spiritual Mission, Pembridge Place, London

I’m very lucky and privileged to be invited to join the closed Circle of this group starting tonight 05 June 2017. I’ve been to the open circle which I really enjoyed, and had great meditation experiences. The atmosphere is very peaceful, welcoming and complementary with like minded people of the same level.

It is a different Circle concept for me as it is sitting in the silence for approx 45 minutes ….. watch this space.

Circles, Circles, going Round in Circles.

I’m always working on my Meditation, Workshops, Arthur Findlay College, SIH, LSM, more Circles and Meditation.

I had been at Burnt Oak Circle for 2.5 years with  a couple of gaps until this organically closed. Gwen Smith who was the first Medium at Burnt Oak this year, 2017,  after the Xmas break, said to me, ‘get back into the Meditation’. She knew I was feeling despondent with the whole movement, she’s a great and talented Medium, I listened to Gwen’s  encouraging words and started to meditate again. A short while after I met a Medium, Sandra, for a private reading. She said I was born gifted but had not been encouraged. Similar to her I was a witch as Spirit showed her a witches hat above my head.  Adele M was a Medium at an evening of clairvoyance, and gave me the most incredible same word reading. Other Mediums have told me, ‘put down the cards and get up here’. I saw Effie R at Hitchin. She pointed to me and said. ‘Are you a Medium? Yes, you ARE a Medium’. I was pleased to hear that! and I realised I had to have faith in Spirit working with me, and the messages I’m getting and giving certainly show that. I was fed up, usual cold sore, upset, tired, but I always rise to the surface and crack on. Meditating is good in many ways, to trust and get the positivity back on track.

At Burnt Oak Circle last week, Liz gave me a message from Spirit, to put my Tarot cards down, not give them up, as I’m ready for platform without props. I called Liz the next day thanking her. I hope I’m not insulting Spirit by thinking I don’t ‘get’ the inspiration. I know they are all around me and I have to ask them to draw closer, and that my intention will be to act in their highest good.

Perhaps the private Medium, Sandra, has read this Post and commented that it is rambling (although I have now edited it) , and perhaps she feels it will reflect on her in some way. While I accept she is right 🙂 this is me. A free Spirit, living by my wishes and unconstrained by society.

Watch this space.


Therapies of Hope – SIH Workshop – 12 June 2016

Seeing and Exploring Auras, Chakras and Invisible Energies.

I was at Clean Break, School of Intuition and Healing in Kentish Town last Sunday. This wonderful event was hosted by Jonathan and Naila Hope, what a great name.

There were 10 students, and the day really was about involving us all in practical exercises showing us how the aura and chakras can work. The aura is an electro magnetic field, surrounding all living things. We all had an aura-graph to take home, and this showed our balance of, well literally Mind, Body, Spirit. Mine wasn’t well balanced (quel surprise), but as it showed a high spiritual field, I wasn’t unhappy.

Check out their site for full info from Intuitive Readings, Angel Therapy and Meditation, to Aura Imaging:

Tarot Workshop Week 8

Hi and goodbye to all of my lovely pupils. Hard to believe but we’ve reached the end of the Tarot workshop classes. This week, the students were doing 10 card readings for each other, and for the guests they each brought in. Their card reading abilities shine through, and I’m so happy and proud of each of them

Now, like any new skill, it’s just to believe in themselves and to read, read and read cards for friends, family and people they are introduced to. Look at The Fool featured here. Keep your head up and focus on the future, not on any obstacles.

All the best to all of you. Signing off just for now, Rosie.

Colour & Numbers Workshop at Harrow Spiritualist Church, Light on the Hill

Last Saturday, 14th May, I went to another event at Harrow SC. The group was led by Alan Albiston, and he showed us the link between colours and numerology. There were 10 of us in the class, including a few familiar faces from the previous workshop on Crystal reading with Surinder. Alan, bless him, lives in Harlow, and it takes him approximately 3 hours to travel to Harrow … trains, planes and automobiles, without the planes. Instead of planes, put the word buses. When he got to the area there was the additional problem of Saturday afternoon football.

Anyway, cup of tea in hand, Alan proceeded with the workshop, which was Wow. We also chose from a pack of Doreen Virtue butterfly oracle cards and each of us chose a card relevant to ourselves. I don’t know why I’m always amazed when that happens but, I always am. I’m looking forward to the next workshop at this venue.

Crystal Workshop at Harrow Spiritualist Church, Light on the Hill

Today, I attended a wonderful workshop on Crystal reading, at Harrow Spiritualist church, also knows as Light on the Hill. Our ‘guide’ was Surinder Thandi, very ably assisted by her friend of many years, Carole. Calling on our intuition and skills, we paired up changing partners several times, and used our enegy and psychic skills to read from the Crystal balls for each other. I can honestly say that a great day was had by all. I purchased a small crystal ball on a stand that I felt drawn to as soon as I saw it; it is now outside, gathering in the second night of the benefits of the Full Moon which last for thee days, so again, I bought the crystal ball at the right time. Happy and many readings to follow.

Crystal Workshop

For my ‘followers’, and I use the term lightly, you will know my fascination with all things that enhance and increase my knowledge. I really enjoy learning, my mind is like a sponge, and I’ll be attending a Crystal Workshop which will teach me how to use a crystal ball to compliment my readings, and also for the purpose of healing. I use both a rose quartz and a clear crystal pendulum with my tarot, and I’ve recently bought a clear crystal ball and one which has a gentle pink hue. I’m so excited now that I have these, I must have been guided to purchase them.

I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for 16 years and will be happy to use the crystals as an extra healing tool.

Mediumship Skills and Development with Donna Stewart

I met Donna Stewart for the first time in January this year at a workshop for Mediumship Skills and Development that she held in Kentish Town, London. I have sat in a development circle for more than a year, but am always interested in the spirit connection. On the way to the workshop, I had a near miss car accident which left me feeling shocked and tired. I didn’t perform well that day.

Then, I had an email for another workshop Donna was holding called Inspirational Speaking and Channelling with Spirit Guides. I quickly booked it in my speedy, spontaneous way, and then wondered did I book too hastily, hmm ….. never mind, I’ve booked, I’m going. I shouldn’t have worried as the workshop was great and in fact, several of the students were at the first workshop. After a meditation in which it felt as though my hands were being lifted and my hair was stroked, we linked into each other using our inspiration/psychic ability,  choosing and using Angel Answer cards. We paired up several times to read for each other, successfully. My style seems to be layering my information, as you paint a picture, and building the information.

Donna will be in London again towards the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to attending more of her workshops.

Card Choice for the Week

Ok, so, now it’s the time of the week for choosing a card. I’ve an unusual choice for you this week … see which you’re drawn to and then let me know. We choose the cards for many different reasons. Partly because of the image we are drawn to, because of inner thoughts, also how we think and react to all around us. We don’t always know what the influence is, just part of life’s rich mix.


Rosie at London Below

Working last Sunday in Stoke Newington.

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