Tarot Workshop Week 7

What a lovely week, week 7 was.  The students are now reading for each other and me with 10 cards. The nerves are being laid to rest, and the students all have so much zest and enthusiasm. Now we’re using 5 cards, then another 5 cards.  The more cards involved, the more meanings and the more time to spend over the readings, as the information builds.  Also, the imagery seems to get stronger, and you can get different feelings with more information. Believe in the cards in front of you, and let diplomacy kick in if you see an awkward message. You can, as a newbie, say to your client the cards aren’t wrong, sometimes you just have to find the right words. It’s important to have the confidence in yourself, then the client will have confidence in you.

In the second half of the lesson, we worked with 12 cards, placing 6 then another 6. After the cards have been chosen, we gathered the face-down cards and placed them to the side on the table. After reading those 12, the class each re-spread the cards and then chose another 3, handing them to the reader face up. These cards are for the ‘now’. I asked 3 of the students to read for me, and they were just amazed at  how many cards, from each spread were similar and accurate for me.

Homework is going over this weeks lesson, a new slant from me, and if anyone has a way or a style they would like to read in, they will be able to introduce and demonstrate that next week. I told the class that I will be bringing in 3 visitors next week, for the students to work with so, lots going on. See you next week.

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