Mediumship Skills and Development with Donna Stewart

I met Donna Stewart for the first time in January this year at a workshop for Mediumship Skills and Development that she held in Kentish Town, London. I have sat in a development circle for more than a year, but am always interested in the spirit connection. On the way to the workshop, I had a near miss car accident which left me feeling shocked and tired. I didn’t perform well that day.

Then, I had an email for another workshop Donna was holding called Inspirational Speaking and Channelling with Spirit Guides. I quickly booked it in my speedy, spontaneous way, and then wondered did I book too hastily, hmm ….. never mind, I’ve booked, I’m going. I shouldn’t have worried as the workshop was great and in fact, several of the students were at the first workshop. After a meditation in which it felt as though my hands were being lifted and my hair was stroked, we linked into each other using our inspiration/psychic ability,  choosing and using Angel Answer cards. We paired up several times to read for each other, successfully. My style seems to be layering my information, as you paint a picture, and building the information.

Donna will be in London again towards the end of the year, and I’m looking forward to attending more of her workshops.

Posted Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 at 3:18 pm | General.

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