About Me

I’ve had an interest in Tarot and its mysteries for a very long time, although it’s taken about 15 years for my awareness to develop. I’ve sat in different Tarot groups, learning and developing skills and, after getting good Feedback from clients, I knew I wanted to take this lovely and intriguing art as far as I could. Tarot skills take time to develop along with confidence and style, which can also change, along with life’s journey.

I also teach this wonderful art, in an easy and relaxed way, and will open you up to the mystical workings of Tarot, telling a story and working with intuition. On the 78 paths of your journey, you will learn to work with the Major and Minor Arcana and the Court cards, putting them all together and give a full Tarot reading. The most powerful source of information when reading Tarot is from within.

I’ll guide you in presentation, so you’ll never give a ‘bad’ or ‘scary’ reading.  Tarot can give an indication of life’s voyage, remembering we all have Freewill. So, Like The Fool, we all have a destination, our Leap of Faith, let’s see where the journey takes us. It’s your turn … let me read for you either in person or on Skype which works very well. A lot of us find it difficult to fit everything we would like into our day. So Skype takes care of travelling time, and allows you to have your reading in the comfort of your own surroundings.

I’m developing my Mediumship separately, and this can be used to enhance my readings, if the client is happy,  with this wonderful gift.

I’m also a practising Reiki practitioner with 18 years experience.

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