Ego, Ego, Tripping over the Ego

Janet, John and ego’s, yep, the famous 3 in a relationship is too much to be around. After telling me when I first met for a reading that ‘I am the underdog, and Spirit have told them to look out for me’, a u-turn. It is now impossible to work in any way with them, as the aim for work is overshadowed by greed to out-earn and out-perform any others. Good luck to anyone attending the Circles as, Beware, if you progress, you’ll be next on the chopping block. I’m not going into further detail here but, you can email me in the box at the bottom of this Post page, or PM me on Fb. Perhaps after the October trip, Ego, will come back refreshed and thinking differently.

So, until then, goodnight and goodbye.


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