Dragonfly Spiritual Events – 19 August 2018

A new event for me which, added to the fact I tripped as I got out of my car, it was a day to forget. Never mind, onward and upward, literally, and many thanks to the healers and their creams as the village hall’s First Aid box only contained 10/15 bandages. No creams, plasters or anything useful for my badly grazed leg. And no help from the organiser. Luckily for me her son, Karl was very helpful. So very happy it was a short event from 10am til 3pm.

Many duplicate services: 7 Readers, 5 Crystal sellers, 4 Jewellery traders and a few random others which may not seem many but it was a small area. Best to concentrate on Quality of events, and not Quantity. You get the picture.

I’m leaving the link in case I forget to never trade at this event ever again.


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