New Moments

Last night at LSM, we sat in the Power of Silence for 40 mins. It was great. I immediately saw my guide, went into deep breathing mode, and heard nothing until we were called back by Sandra Doughty.

Saw a great medium at Burnt Oak SNU this evening, Graham who was assisted by Ross. A very entertaining evening.

This Saturday, 23rd September, I’m attending an Autumn Equinox Meditation workshop at Harrow SNU Light on the Hill. I’ll be posting how it went.

Thank you to Sharon and Emma for Liking my Fb Posts. Please will you tap on Following. To everyone who Follows me on Fb, I’ll be happy to give a complimentary 5 card reading.

Thank you.

btw,  I have been emailed from my blog and asked several times now, ‘who is Janet and John’? Funny how life works out.

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