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Two Important Principles

The Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of Man.

To be kind to each other and ourselves. To have dignity for each other and for ourselves. To be humble and not forget where we came from, why and how we are on the earth place and plane. To be proud of ourselves and each other. To encourage not down tread others. To have respect for ourselves and our fellow Man. To let greed go and replace it with humility, understanding and prayer.

Above all, let Love be the main word and thought in all of the above, and embrace each and everyday beginning with Love.



Puzzling that when I put Janet or John into the Google bar, up popped Rosie Tarot.

Oh well, the vagaries of  t’Internet.



Wanda Bolton Shamanic Workshop – 26 May 2018

Had a really interesting time at Harrow Light on the Hill with Wanda. She is so experienced and this event isn’t about what level you are at. We all worked well together, and it was interesting and interspersed with informative stories and information from Wanda. So, thank you again and I look forward to joining you next time.


Shamanic Workshop – 14 April 2018

Had a great time in Broxbourne with the guys and a great group of people. The sun shone and we were able to sit outside on tree stumps in the break. We had drums, gongs and healing. Incense wafting, maracas… looking forward to the next event.

Thank you for a good time.

Foundations SC, North Road, Edgware

I’m enjoying going to Foundations SC, North Road, Edgware on Thursday’s. We had a wonderful treat last week at Harvester/ Jolly Badger. A good time enjoyed by all. Thank you Janette, Joyce and everyone who has wrapped me up. And my boy, of course. No ego’s here, no competing. This coming week, I’m Chairing. Then it’s Xmas break. Already looking forward to the New Year.

Rosie – Spiritual Readings

Just a sight name change, from Rosie Tarot to Rosie (Spiritual Readings).

I’m taking a leap of faith and putting my ‘Tarot cards/comfort blanket down, as messages I give are truly inspirational, and I know Spirit are with me.

Check out my new poster.

LSM – Emotional Freedom Technique : 08 October 2017

Had a great morning at this event run by Anne Thornton-Patterson. I understood the basic EFT ‘tapping’ technique, but it made such a difference to work in a group with like minded people. Anne made it fun and light, and I’ll be putting this technique in motion. Thank you, Anne

LSM – Mediumship + More, Trust + Confidence : 30 September 2017

I had a great day at this Workshop hosted by Karen Wood. Karen spoke to us about getting rid of doubts and fears, and how linking with the Spirit world is the Wow! factor. How to use nerves to connect with The Power. When we’re at home, to sit in our own Power – like charging your mobile. And believe. What TRUST is an acronym for. I’m not putting down the full text, as I think Janet and John peek at my Blog to gain ideas they can take credit for.

We did many exercises, and Karen emphasised building up your memory bank. To think of the Spirit connection as a Skype call. The last part of the Workshop involved several of us who volunteered to be blindfolded on the rostrum, one at a time. Yes! of course I did, as if ….. As I took my turn, I heard ‘Karen’ as a whisper, or as a thought in my mind.  I immediately knew where I was, but I spoke to the student congregation as I’m aware many of us have similarities when it comes to names and situations. At the end, Karen endorsed my information. At last after many messages from church mediums to put down my ‘comfy Tarot’ blanket and to go on platform, albeit as a fledgling, I feel in a good and more confident place. I’ve a long list of workshops and events lined up ….. I’m really looking forward to them all.

Than you for all of your support.

Autumn Equinox Meditation Workshop – 23 September 2017

I went to Harrow Light on the Hill SC yesterday, to an Autumn Equinox meditation workshop held by Charnjit Bains. We all had a great time with 2 meditations and Tarot cards in the middle. I’m looking forward to joining Charnjit in December for the Winter Solstice meditation class. Thank you to Charnjit for hosting and to Les Pilgrim.

New Moments

Last night at LSM, we sat in the Power of Silence for 40 mins. It was great. I immediately saw my guide, went into deep breathing mode, and heard nothing until we were called back by Sandra Doughty.

Saw a great medium at Burnt Oak SNU this evening, Graham who was assisted by Ross. A very entertaining evening.

This Saturday, 23rd September, I’m attending an Autumn Equinox Meditation workshop at Harrow SNU Light on the Hill. I’ll be posting how it went.

Thank you to Sharon and Emma for Liking my Fb Posts. Please will you tap on Following. To everyone who Follows me on Fb, I’ll be happy to give a complimentary 5 card reading.

Thank you.

btw,  I have been emailed from my blog and asked several times now, ‘who is Janet and John’? Funny how life works out.

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