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Spiritual Signs

So, one morning when I meditated last week, I often ask Spirit for signs they are with me. I had just bought fresh flowers for my house, was just sitting in my reception, and suddenly noticed that just one flower head was going round in circles. I kind of shook my head as you do, ‘Am I seeing things?’ It carried on moving for maybe 15 seconds then stopped. I checked for draughts as the table they were on is near the door, nope, nothing.

I thanked Spirit for that and felt uplifted and blessed for being able to see this positive sign. Let me know if this has happened to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ego, Ego, Tripping over the Ego

Janet, John and ego’s, yep, the famous 3 in a relationship is too much to be around. After telling me when I first met for a reading that ‘I am the underdog, and Spirit have told them to look out for me’, a u-turn. It is now impossible to work in any way with them, as the aim for work is overshadowed by greed to out-earn and out-perform any others. Good luck to anyone attending the Circles as, Beware, if you progress, you’ll be next on the chopping block. I’m not going into further detail here but, you can email me in the box at the bottom of this Post page, or PM me on Fb. Perhaps after the October trip, Ego, will come back refreshed and thinking differently.

So, until then, goodnight and goodbye.


London Spiritual Mission – Gordon Smith 26 June 2017

I went to the LSM to hear Gordon Smith talk on the subject of spiritual understanding, conveying messages and the movement in general. It was a well attended morning.  Gordon Smith is well revered in the spiritual movement and he is the ‘go to’ at the LSM. I hadn’t realised how important healing is to the movement until I heard Gordon talking on this. I found him interesting and knowledgeable, and look forward to see him another time.

Not everyone agreed with his thoughts, but perhaps that person shouldn’t be holding a workshop in the new year at the London Spiritual Mission.

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