Crystal Workshop at Harrow Spiritualist Church, Light on the Hill

Today, I attended a wonderful workshop on Crystal reading, at Harrow Spiritualist church, also knows as Light on the Hill. Our ‘guide’ was Surinder Thandi, very ably assisted by her friend of many years, Carole. Calling on our intuition and skills, we paired up changing partners several times, and used our enegy and psychic skills to read from the Crystal balls for each other. I can honestly say that a great day was had by all. I purchased a small crystal ball on a stand that I felt drawn to as soon as I saw it; it is now outside, gathering in the second night of the benefits of the Full Moon which last for thee days, so again, I bought the crystal ball at the right time. Happy and many readings to follow.

Posted Saturday, April 23rd, 2016 at 9:53 pm | General.

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