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London Alternative Market – Sunday 7 February 2016

The LAM event yesterday was just great, held on 5 floors with specialised fashion and accessories in the City of London. I had returning customers who also purchased a Gift Voucher from my blog:, which has a shop with 4 gift choices. Please see the following testimonial which I was so very happy to receive today:

This is from Tara Neale, with her permission:

So yesterday at LAM (London Alternative Market), I did something that honestly I once laughed at. I got my first tarot reading by the amazing Rosie Tarot.

As I have been blogging about…I have begun a more spiritual path after a lifetime of being disappointed by religion, science, medicine, psychology and philosophy. But this was a HUGE leap of faith for me. To pay money for something I once considered hinky, crazy and New Age (that was a dirty word to me).

My wonderful writer friend Esther Karaline Calder took notes for me…6 pages of them. I am still processing it all, but it was right on and confirmation of all that the goddess has been working on me about already. Things like…

Taking my time…
Going naked into the future…
The masculine and feminine energy…

And especially being more feminine…Earth Mother…and not hiding my softer side either physically or emotionally. Just last weekend the goddess made me buy new make-up and start wearing it every day. And she is pushing for new, softer clothes as well.

Don’t get me started on her hardest lesson…being vulnerable. I’ll save that one for Sensual Saturday.


London Alternative Market – Sunday 3rd January 2016

London’s top alternative market, in The Revolution Bar, Leadenhall Street. First Sunday of every month.

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