Tarot Workshop Week 3

Tarot Workshop Week 3, for beginners, on Sunday 06 March 2016, time 1030am til 1230pm.  This 8 week workshop will enable you to read Tarot, and be able to work with the Tarot both for yourself and with others. This is an introduction to eager and willing students and will include inter-active sessions. If you are interested in attending, please let me know.

Week 1 covered the meaning of individual cards, the Court cards and the colours of the cards. We finished with my students reading 3 cards for each other, they did really  well.

In Week 2, we went over Week 1 homework, and I answered questions that arose. I’ve suggested students keep a Tarot Card book to record their progress, and remember any questions.

In Week 3, we had revision from both Week 1 and Week 2. It was lovely to hear anecdotes from each of the group who had done mini readings for their friends, with interesting results. I loved this as it reinforces confidence and helps to believe in the cards. The mantra I’ll be repeating throughout the course is, the cards are always right … choosing the words to relay the information in a way the client can understand, can take time. We read through the Minor Arcana. I shuffled all of the cards, picked 6 for each pupil and then the pupils read for me. Gosh, the nerves were as powerful as the energy in the room. There were a few stumbles which were to be expected but, I was pleased with the resulting readings.

The homework I set for this week was to go through all of the cards, and to see what they mean to the individual. It’s to see not only how you feel about the pictures on the cards but, to listen to your feelings and instinct and mix with the cards. Then, to do 6 card readings. Looking forward to next week.

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