Tarot Workshop Week 4

This week, Week 4, we revised Week 3 which was to look through all of the cards and to see what meanings, instinct and feelings came through. The group also spoke about where any of them were feeling ‘stuck’ and talking it through. As we’re all individuals, we’re bound to have different thoughts and draw different meanings on our card spreads. After we spoke through all of that, more 6 card readings for each other and then reading for me. Students are often nervous when reading for me, so again,  the mantra I repeated that day and throughout the course is, the cards are always right … choosing the words to relay the information in a way the client can understand or relate to, can take time. Like The Fool, it’s a leap of faith.

We had a great day. The homework for the coming week is more 6 card spreads, so practise, practise. We’re all looking forward to next week when I’ll be introducing numerology into the mix. See you then.

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