Tarot Workshop Week 5

I’m amazed at how quickly this course is travelling and from Zero to Hero is how I would describe my students. This week, Week 5, we had more 6 card readings for each other and then readings for me. My students were a little less  nervous when reading for me and I think that’s great.  They chose the words to relay the information in a way that was understand or could be related to. Remember that like The Fool, learning and reading is a leap of faith.

Then we went through the numerology aspect and how the cards are associated with a number from 1 to 9. We added numbers which are significant in numerology except the court cards which don’t have numbers, so they are just read as they are. The students then did 6 card readings incorporating numerology. The homework for the coming week is more 6 card readings both with and without numerology, so practise, practise. I’m really looking forward to my class of heroes next week when I’ll be introducing 8 card readings. See you then.

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