Rider Waite Radiant pack, Golden Rider in front

We all have our favourites in our life’s journey, whether it’s a holiday in a favourite country or an item of clothing we feel so comfortable with. And for me it’s my Tarot deck, Rider Waite theĀ Radiant version with lovely bright colours. I also have Golden Rider which hasn’t been published for many years. It has the same imagery, with a variation on the colours; darker, vivid, Golden tones of course. In the Post, you’ll see I’m holding the Rider Waite Radiant, with the Golden Rider placed in front of me. I’ll be placing cards in my posts for you to choose, see which appeal to you, and then I’ll be giving an answer to each. Well, I’ll start with one and maybe justĀ up to three…let’s see where the journey takes us!

Posted Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 2:01 pm | General.

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