Spiritual Tarot reading

Where would I be without my dear friend V (I’ll only be using initials until I get the nod I can use the whole name!) Out of the generosity of her heart, V passed this book to me, which had been given to her by C (who will probably be happy for me to use her name, but I’ll be polite and┬ácheck). I so love this book, it just gives more interest to the reading, for example who wouldn’t want to know ‘The Sun’ with it’s wavy and straight rays showing a masculine and feminine sensitivity. ‘The Fool’ with his yellow boots conveying an intellectual understanding. Another example, Four of Wands, with red ribbons showing a union, the grey castle representing Self, fruit for fertility. As I started by saying, so love this book. It’s a necessary good, go and get yourself a copy, NOW!!

Posted Sunday, November 8th, 2015 at 3:53 pm | General.

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