Circles, Circles, going Round in Circles.

I’m always working on my Meditation, Workshops, Arthur Findlay College, SIH, LSM, more Circles and Meditation.

I had been at Burnt Oak Circle for 2.5 years with  a couple of gaps until this organically closed. Gwen Smith who was the first Medium at Burnt Oak this year, 2017,  after the Xmas break, said to me, ‘get back into the Meditation’. She knew I was feeling despondent with the whole movement, she’s a great and talented Medium, I listened to Gwen’s  encouraging words and started to meditate again. A short while after I met a Medium, Sandra, for a private reading. She said I was born gifted but had not been encouraged. Similar to her I was a witch as Spirit showed her a witches hat above my head.  Adele M was a Medium at an evening of clairvoyance, and gave me the most incredible same word reading. Other Mediums have told me, ‘put down the cards and get up here’. I saw Effie R at Hitchin. She pointed to me and said. ‘Are you a Medium? Yes, you ARE a Medium’. I was pleased to hear that! and I realised I had to have faith in Spirit working with me, and the messages I’m getting and giving certainly show that. I was fed up, usual cold sore, upset, tired, but I always rise to the surface and crack on. Meditating is good in many ways, to trust and get the positivity back on track.

At Burnt Oak Circle last week, Liz gave me a message from Spirit, to put my Tarot cards down, not give them up, as I’m ready for platform without props. I called Liz the next day thanking her. I hope I’m not insulting Spirit by thinking I don’t ‘get’ the inspiration. I know they are all around me and I have to ask them to draw closer, and that my intention will be to act in their highest good.

Perhaps the private Medium, Sandra, has read this Post and commented that it is rambling (although I have now edited it) , and perhaps she feels it will reflect on her in some way. While I accept she is right 🙂 this is me. A free Spirit, living by my wishes and unconstrained by society.

Watch this space.


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