Therapies of Hope – SIH Workshop – 12 June 2016

Seeing and Exploring Auras, Chakras and Invisible Energies.

I was at Clean Break, School of Intuition and Healing in Kentish Town last Sunday. This wonderful event was hosted by Jonathan and Naila Hope, what a great name.

There were 10 students, and the day really was about involving us all in practical exercises showing us how the aura and chakras can work. The aura is an electro magnetic field, surrounding all living things. We all had an aura-graph to take home, and this showed our balance of, well literally Mind, Body, Spirit. Mine wasn’t well balanced (quel surprise), but as it showed a high spiritual field, I wasn’t unhappy.

Check out their site for full info from Intuitive Readings, Angel Therapy and Meditation, to Aura Imaging:

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